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Hello at the Permadieshof

Permaculture farm with a focus on keeping endangered farm animals,
Farm shop, guest accommodation, and much more...

Permaculture and paradise = permadies

When we started building the farm again, the question came up about the name. My girls, who were 6 years old at the time, started trying things out.

Then came: "Mom, let's do permaculture and make a little paradise for ourselves on the farm then it should be called Permadies."

We all fell in love immediately. 

And YES we are increasingly creating a little paradise for ourselves here. With some difficulties, with some stumbling blocks, a lot is constantly happening and everything is growing, thriving, alive and in constant change. 

You with us

As a guest you will find a cozy, homely, simple atmosphere with us. We are not perfect and don't want to be. With us you get a bed to sleep in and a hot shower. If you want you can look at the animals, but you can't pet them as our special breeds don't like that. You can learn something about permaculture, herbs and keeping endangered livestock breeds. You can also get a delicious breakfast and sometimes dinner with us. Unfortunately, we can't always cook dinner because we sometimes need a break. Just ask. If you want, you can take something from the farm shop for your loved ones at home or for yourself.

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